vendredi 18 septembre 2015

How to Make Goldfish Paper Lanterns

Whether you are decorating for an “under the sea” party or creating a goldfish-inspired bedroom for your child; creating lively goldfish paper lanterns is an easy and colorful way to spice up any room.

Method 1 of 2: Gather Your Supplies

  1. Make Goldfish Paper Lanterns Step 1
    Purchase large, colorful paper lanterns. Many craft stores carry them, but also home stores stock large Japanese paper lanterns. Although almost always offered in white, look

  2.  for lanterns in nautical/colorful hues such as blues, oranges and yellows.
    1. Make Goldfish Paper Lanterns Step 2
      Pick up matching colored cardstock and white and black felt. You will also need a hot glue gun to affix the cardstock and felt to the lantern. The white and black felt will be used to create the fish’s bit round eyes and the cardstock will be cut out and attached as the tail.
    2. Make Goldfish Paper Lanterns Step 3
      Pick up clear fishing wire if your paper lantern does not come equipped with a kit for hanging. Consider how you will hang the lanterns too and plan accordingly (for example, if you need a hook or nails to mount it to the ceiling).
    3. Method 2 of 2: Create Your Hanging Goldfish

      1. Make Goldfish Paper Lanterns Step 4
        Measure the paper lantern to determine the fishtail size. You will want the tail to be in proportion to the size of the lantern.
      2. Make Goldfish Paper Lanterns Step 5
        Create the goldfish tale by tracing a “wavy” heart shape on the cardstock to match the size of the lantern.
        • Use the measurements to determine the overall tail size. You want the tail to be slightly smaller than the lantern and large enough that it shows but can stand on its own.
        • Lightly sketch the shape with a pencil until you achieve the desired design. You may want to use the initial tail shape as a template so subsequent tails match.
        • Cut out the shape and leave approximately 1” to 2” around the base. You will be attaching the tail to the lantern at the tail base so you will need extra room.
      3. Make Goldfish Paper Lanterns Step 6
        Attach the tail to the lantern. You will want the tail to appear as though it was created with the lantern.
        • Fold the extra paper along the base approximately 1/2”. You will attach the tail to the lantern by gluing the fold to the lantern.
        • Place several drops of hot glue along the fold and press firmly against the lantern. Hold in place for two to five minutes or until you are confident it has adhered.
      4. Make Goldfish Paper Lanterns Step 7
        Create the fish’s eyes. You will be making one large circle using the white felt and then creating a smaller half-moon circle with the black.
        • Cut out a large circle to represent the white’s of the fish’s eyes. You can go a little larger for a “cartoon” goldfish effect.
        • Cut out a half-moon circle (or half circle) to fit along the bottom of the white circle. The black represents the fish’s actual eye.
        • Glue the white circle 2/3 toward the top of the lantern using hot glue. Hold in place until it adheres.
        • Glue the black circle on top of the white, along the bottom of the circle. Use several drops of glue in order to ensure the eye stays in place.
      5. Make Goldfish Paper Lanterns Step 8
        Tie the fishing wire around the wire structure around the top and hang. This step depends on how you plan to hang the lantern and where. You can either tie the other end of the fishing wire to a lamp or hanging light in the room or you can make it more permanent and use a picture hanging kit to hang it.
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